Create & Inspire

     If you think paper crafts,  fiber arts and mixed media are a fad, think again. They continue to grow in popularity, are incredibly thought enducing, and a creative way to share beauty through the hands, heart and spirit of the artist. 

Not only is Jacquie Delcambre of Collage Impressions a mixed-media artist who takes all of these mediums to a different level, but she is also a motivational speaker, workshop leader  and  Reiki Master. 

Her Vision Board Workshops mix creativity, motivational and life coaching aspects with FUN!  She helps mentor people who want to change how they relate to aspects of their lives by using the simple techniques of creativity, while helping them realize just how easy it is to manifest the goals and dreams of their heart. 

All it takes is some time to play and dream.

Remember... always take time to create!


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